Blind Chef Project on SBS Food

Meet The Blind Chef, the Lake Macquarie restaurant staffed by vision-impaired people. In the second of a two part story, Bron Maxabella Ian Edwards talks about his experience of going on The Employables SBS TV show

“I have an idea of opening a café for vision-impaired people like me that want a future in the industry,” Ian Edwards says in the SBS documentary series The Employables. “You know, I want to pay them a decent wage so they can live, and open up their life and give them a life.” 

With a goal like that, many viewers were disappointed when Ian’s idea wasn’t one of the two backed by entrepreneur Creel Price during the show. However, it didn’t dissuade Ian at all. 

“Going on the show gave me back my confidence,” Ian tells SBS Food. “I was always going to make this happen, and the show made me more determined. I left Sydney with the drive to not lose sight of what I wanted to do.”

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Ian Edwards